About Us

we are an Analytically driven software company having a core emphasis on developing and promoting Web and Mobile Applications. We also provide solutions to businesses. Already serving the corporate and social sectors at small, medium and enterprise level with a multi diverse range of products developed on state of the art software frameworks. we operate as a research based consulting as well, providing cutting-edge ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) and DIGITAL SECURITY solutions and services.


Our Services

Web and Mobile App

Our Web and Mobile services has led clients in innovating business solutions. We are a team consisting of Web and Mobile App technology and industry experts who uncover new revenue streams.

ERP Solutions

ZamAnalytics goal is to ensure each and every ERP project is a success. Our team of experienced consultants help companies select the right ERP system with max Productivity and increased ROI.

Digital Security

Our Biometrics solutions for convenient and secure authentication of people’s identity. Our Digital & Cyber Security Certified Team develop biometrics solutions with more secure user experience and security.

Project Management

ZamAnalytics is a leading project management consulting firm specifically focused on Monitoring and Evaluating strategically critical projects in the Development, Social & Humanitarian Sector.